Railroad Street


Launched in 2006, the Railroad Street Apprenticeship Program (RAP) matches the inspirations of young people to the resources of the community, creating a successful model of community collaboration.

RAP is designed to meet the unmet vocational and educational needs of South Berkshire youth and prepare them for the workplace. Over 450 young people from South County have participated in one of RSYP’s Apprenticeship programs. These programs are great for introducing a career path or trade to a curious youth.

An Apprenticeship functions essentially as a class, where a group of students—or “apprentices”—meet once a week with a community mentor who teaches them valuable skills, gives them experience, and in many cases the youth come out on the other side with a great understanding of the job, confidence in intergenerational and community collaboration, and many more life skills.

All Apprenticeship programs are FREE! They run 6-8 weeks, 3pm-5pm, one day per week. RSYP offers transportation.

Internships are also available. Internships are a one-on-one experience where the interns get to dive deeper into their chosen career path or trade. Internship programs last 3-6 months. These programs are unpaid but can be used for school credit at MMRHS or Mt. Everett. If you are interested in an internship let us know and we will work with the community to find a local mentor that reflects your interests and career goals!