Railroad Street

Immigrant Youth Outreach & Advocate

Marina Dominguez is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she studied Labor Relations at the University of Buenos Aires. For many years she worked at different multinational companies, dedicating her practice to social and labor rights. Marina then moved to the Berkshires where she rediscovered herself as a dancer, musician, photographer and life coach. Currently, Marina is an international life coach and is studying Liberal Arts with a minor in Psychology at Berkshire Community College. Taking the fusion of dance, music, photography, healing and coaching, combining it with knowledge acquired in the social sciences and both personal and professional experiences, she strives to show young immigrants their true potential, what they can accomplish, and what they can do in a place like the Berkshires. When Marina is not at work, you can find her at home listening to music and dancing, doing reiki, meditation, playing with crystals and oracles or hiking around the county.