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South Berkshire Community Health Coalition (SBCHC)

South Berkshire Community Health Coalition consists of a wide range of organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals working to develop a strategic plan for a community-wide approach to reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors that enhance mental health and reduce the high rates of alcohol and drug use among South County teens.

Together our goal is to find ways for existing organizations to improve their capacities to reduce substance use; enlist a broader spectrum of the community to engage in that task; and improve coordination between youth-serving organizations, while engaging young people to help influence decision-making.

You can view our “Talking to Teens” series here!

Talking with Teens: Set Yourself Up for Success

Talking with Teens: Take A Break

Talking with Teens: It Won’t Always Go Well

Talking with Teens: The Vulnerable Brain

Talking with Teens: The Developing Brain

Talking with Teens: Start With Understanding

Talking with Teens: Use Respect and Facts

Talking with Teens: Keep the Conversation Going

ICYM: view recordings of our Parent Education Forums Below.


This virtual talk with Jeff Foote, PhD and Co-Founder of the Center for Motivation and Change CMC: Berkshires was recorded on January 25, 2021. Learn how to best help loved ones who may be struggling with substance use.


Youth Depression and anxiety are very common. In fact, 50% of Southern Berkshire County 8th-12th graders report experiencing depressive symptoms (2019, Prevention Needs Assessment). 1 in 3 adolescents nationally experience anxiety. This presentation with Kelly Heck, MSW, LICSW, and Iona Smith, M. Ed., offers information and tools to helpful information.