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The 2023 Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Dinner Coverage!

June 1, 2023

"The apprenticeship is led by mentors and chefs who are part of the culinary field. This year, the apprenticeship was led by Zee Vassos from Number Ten Restaurant, Fabian Dominguez from Rose’s Restaurant, Megan Kitsock of Supreme Soft Serve, and Dan Smith from John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant.

The nine apprentice chefs, Donnalee D’Ambrosi, Reece Faggioni, Robbie Germino, Lisa Pantoja, Ely Richards, Blaise Twing, Dana Sanchez, Luke Poly, and Anwesha Saha, prepared a four-course meal for attendees. The five-course meal consisted of a “Berkshire Butter Lettuce Salad” consisting of spring herb goat cheese and pickled rhubarb; a risotto consisting of wild ramps, maitake, and oyster mushrooms; a smoked beef brisket consisting of potato gratin and grilled local asparagus in a bordelaise sauce; and a soft serve ice cream dessert".


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